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Workshops and Private Session

A new collaboration…

Power Up and Feel Good!  (Virtual Event Option) 

One universal truth exists for us humans – we all love to feel good.

And to stay feeling that way, we not only can unravel the mystery of its cause, to shift our “dis-ease”, but we can choose to open to have some fun together to see what the miracle of a healing energy can do for you.

I believe Einstein said,

“Medicine of the future will consist of distracting the mind long enough to allow the body to do what it does naturally… heal itself!”

If you like this kind of playful distraction, and are as curious as Dutch healer Robert Kamp and I, to let this totally non-logical phenomena called miracle healing to occur first hand, we have a fun idea – a bit of an experiment.

A Feel Good and Power Up experience for all of us. A get together
to give us whatever boost of power we are to feel.

Relax, meditate and discover.

Laura: Will lead a transformative energy shifting meditation to power up.

Kristi: Will lead us in a heart sutra to feel good and bring her Feng Shui expertise to the gathering.

Date: Thursday,  November 30th,  2017

Time: 19:30-21:30
Place: Zoom by invitation
RSVP by November 27th and let spirit move you!

Let see if it blows your hair back.


Come join in.  We look forward to hearing your feedback!

November’s gathering will be Thursday, November 30th

R.S.V.P.:  email me

or Kristi Stangeland

See you on Zoom!


Check when I’m in your area to join in or tell me you need me and form your own group. Mediumship Sessions, Demonstration Q & A , Live Your Purpose, 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want or Intuitive Intelligence Training workshops are available, and I’ll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule.

Private sessions are always available by Skype or telephone. Contact me for more event details.


EnJoy the holiday season together…Live!

At the Verity Club Toronto on November 29th!  9 am – 10 am for in person gathering and on Zoom for the 7:30 pm Zurich time for a taste of the magic…


New!!  Retreat Trainings

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Book the dates:  April 14-21, 2018 

Xinalani, Mexico

NEXT   “Spirit Talk”                   7  Relaxing Days 

April 14 – 21, 2018

Gain wisdom, health and divine strength by returning to your roots, connecting with nature and spirit guides. By tapping into your very soul and unlimited timeless wisdom, you will communicate and learn from the Indigenous People/Land Spirits, Power Animals (go home knowing yours), your Guides & Ancestors, by reading the signs of a hidden language.

7 Nights including 3 delicious gourmet meals, daily “Spirit Talk” classes with Laura, meditation, yoga, activities, a sweat lodge ceremony and airport and boat transfers to Xinalani.

Laura Heselton, a well-known international medium and intuitive coach will share her remarkable ability to motivate, energize and enlighten you.

Contact me to reserve your spot now.  (Book early as places are very limited)

For more event details go to:  Xinalani with Laura and Kristi


Coming Soon near you!

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